If my information gets taken, can I sue you for all of your money and for all of the gold in your teeth?
Our service is a tool to help protect your information. If you use some terrible key, if you accidentally install something like a key logger on your device, if you log into your email on some hotel computer and then don't log out, it would be impossible for us to know upon whom the blame should be placed. Therefore, if you use PKT Thoughts, you agree to our Terms of Service which states that we are not held responsible.
I've seen on the TV that some young whippersnapper can break through all firewalls and get to secure databases by just tapping a bunch of keys on the keyboard. What if they break through to my information contained within your system?
Reality differs quite a bit from what you see on television where you have two competing computer experts typing furiously to either break into a system or to prevent someone from breaking in (granted, the true story of Stuxnet is more terrifying than what you see on television). If someone should break into our database, all they will see is a bunch of encrypted information. While not impossible, breaking the code would be really hard to do without a quantum computer and, yes, they do exist.
Can I get the specifics on the technologies that you use to protect our password information?
Sure! And here is our ATM pin number.
I forgot my encryption key. Can you give it to me?
As we state on the page where you create your encryption key, there really is nothing that we can do other than assist you with deleting your records and starting over. We suggest that do write down your encryption key, put it on a slip of paper that does not have "PKT Thoughts" anywhere on it, and then lock it up somewhere safe. It could say something like, "Who is the man that would risk his neck for his brother man? $eps]&QZ7o1! Can you dig it?" You will need to reenter your encryption key on occasion (how often will depend on your browser settings), so the sooner that you can commit it to memory, the better.
How much do you make selling my information to marketing firms?
We do not sell your information. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.
Do I need to be online to use PKT Thoughts?
By design, yes you do. The entire basis for our service is to keep the key (kept on your device) separate from the lockbox with your entries (kept on the cloud). There are plenty of software programs that stay entirely offline.
Can't you just call this a web-based service?
No, because it's cloud-based. There's a difference.